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Puppy Assessment

A dog is as individual as you are. Every dog has its own strengths and weaknesses, personality traits and quirks, which will help determine how suitable they might be for any given situation. Whether you are looking to train your dog as an Assistance Dog, or you are looking for the best pet you can find, we can help assess your dog's suitability.

Please note that, as with people, each dog will grow and develop differently according to its genetics and its environment. There is no way to determine with perfect confidence how your dog will change as it grows.


Assistance Dog Training

Everyone is aware of how a seeing-eye dog can change the life of a visually impaired person. Assistance dogs can be trained to help with a range of issues, including physical and psychiatric disabilities.


Allergen Detection Training

Many people have severe alergies to different types of foods. Gluten sensitivity has become a major issue, with one in 70 Australians suffering from coeliac disease. Severe nut alergies are well known. A dogs sense of smell is considerably better than humans. Humans possess roughly 6 million olfactory receptors, while a dog's nose contains approximately 300 million. A dog can be trained to detect all sorts of substances, and can be a life-changing asset to those with coeliac disease and other allergies.


Online Training

Distance need not be a problem when it comes to training your dog, whether it be a pet or your future assistance dog.


Pet Dog Training

Being a dog in a human world is like being a human on anogther planet. Training your dog to understand what is expect of them, and you learning what is expected of you as a guardian will make both of your lives more joyful and fulfilled.



Having a dog certified can provide many benefits. Whether you require the certification of a highly trained assistance dog to go with you everywhere, or you just want the satisfaction of knowing that your dog is trained to be the best pet they can be, I can help you to achieve your certification goals.