Kind words from some of my clients.

Tegan and Havock

I met Jo when I was searching for an assistance dog trainer to help me get through the training with my boy, Hav. As soon as we spoke I had no doubts that we would work really well together. We have been with Jo for over a year now and she has become an integral part of our lives, boosting my understanding and communication skills with Hav and teaching us how to reach new heights. Jo is patient and kind, with an amazing knowledge base behind her, she really understands how to pull out the best of both of us so that we reach our potential. Jo is a person who understands the unique challenges we face and can offer practical solutions that are easily communicated to our canine best friends in a way that brings you closer together, a stronger team built on trust, love and a road travelled together.

Katarina and Artemis

Jo is a gifted teacher and has had a powerful positive influence on my life as a whole as a result of her ongoing training. I met Jo through one of her exisiting clients, after my sixth surgery for my chronic abdominal pain.

Determined to make this surgery my last and seeing the positive impact she had on the life of a fellow chronic endometriosis sufferer, I reached out to Jo and began two of the most meaningful partnerships of my life, the first with Jo, and the second with Artemis, my German Shepherd and assistance dog. I had sessions with Jo even before purchasing Artemis to discuss the benefit of a service dog and features to look out for while deciding on the breed. Jo also emphasised the commitment of a dog as well as the more confronting aspects of having a assistance animal so that I was appropriately informed before making this life-long decision.

Teaching Artemis how to behave as an assistance dog with Jo’s guidance (and despite a pandemic) has allowed me to regain some control over my life that my disease has often taken away. Indeed, training Artemis is something that I reflect on proudly as I can see how far we both have come on this journey. Jo has been nothing short of accomodating and supportive throughout, appreciative of the impact of fatigue and pain on both training and confidence, encouraging me and coaxing me through. The first time Artemis was able to recognise that I was deeply unwell and act in a way that actively reduced the severity of my symptoms blew me away and remains a proud moment. I feel much more confident in my body, particularly while home alone and this is thanks to Jo and her ongoing instruction, training and support. I count myself lucky to have met Jo and look forward to the years to come.