Assistance Dog Services




Bringing an assistance dog into your life is a huge commitment.  The links below can help provide a more complete picture of your rights and responsiblities, to help you decide if you want to enter into this wonderfully rewarding relationship.






These documents have been prepared by me according to my own knowledge and experience.  As always, you shoud seek independant legal advice should you have any queries or issues.


The Law in Regards to the Rights and Responsiblities of the Assistance Dog Handler


Things to Consider Before Getting an Assistance Dog


Information for Detection Training Clients







Association of Pet Dog Trainers


Association of Professional Dog Trainers


Pet Dog Ambassador


Pet Professionals Guild


O.D.O.R Service Dogs Inc








These links will take you to relevant legislation, from various states and federal government websites.  Please note that the legislation is complex, and in some cases federal and state acts overlap.  It is always prudent to seek independant legal advice should you have any queries or issues.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992 DOG ACT


SA Dog and Cat Management Act


ACT Domestic Animals Act 2000


NT Local Government Act 2008


TAS Dog Control Act 2000


QLD The Queensland Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog Act


NSW Companion Animals Act 1998


VIC Domestic Animals Act 1994