Puppy Assesment

I can assess your puppy or dog and advise if they would be better suited as a working dog or a pet.

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I offer a number of different types of dog training: Task Training, Medical Detection Training, Pet Dog Ambassador.

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Once you have achieved everything needed, you can have your dog certified as an assistance dog.

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My Training Principals

I practice science based, force-free training. This means:

  • - NO FEAR
  • As a member of the Pet Professional Guild, I am guided by their values:

    "The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) believes pets have an intrinsic right to be treated humanely, to have each of their individual needs met, and to live in safe, enriched environments free from force, pain and fear. PPG holds that effective training and care procedures form the foundation for a pet's healthy socialization, and help prevent behavior problems. As such, the general pet-owning public needs to be educated by competent and qualified specialist organizations and associations to ensure their pets live in nurturing and stable environments, and that only non-aversive training and pet care equipment is used. In this cyber-driven world, where information may not always be accurate or scientifically sound, PPG provides a platform for promoting said education, resources, equipment, ideas, methods and techniques that owners and pet professionals can trust to reflect its force-free philosophy." (PPG Website)


I produce two podcasts that might be helpful on your journey as an assistance dog handler.

Aussie Assistance Dog Coach

This podcast is a combination of interviews, information and debate about assistance dog issues in Australia.

Through a Handlers Eyes

I this podcast, I interview Aussie assistance dog handlers about their journey with their dogs. No legislation, no training, just the journey of the dog and handler.

Happy Customers

Tegan and Havock

I met Jo when I was searching for an assistance dog trainer to help me get through the training with my boy, Hav. As soon as we spoke I had no doubts that we would work really well together...


Katarina and Artemis

Jo is a gifted teacher and has had a powerful positive influence on my life as a whole as a result of her ongoing training. I met Jo through one of her exisiting clients, after my sixth surgery for my chronic abdominal pain...